Project TitleImproved Algal Lipid Extraction
Track CodeLSU-2011-037
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A key step in the process of converting algae to biofuel is extracting the energy rich lipids from the algae. This is achieved by breaking the algae cell wall and allowing the lipids to be released. Several techniques exist for doing this step, however, each has disadvantages.

This invention is a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly approach to extract lipids from algae by exposing the organism to a solution of metallic nano-materials to break the cell wall and then treating them with an extraction solvent. This method can be used with any kind of microalgae and it particularly useful for those with thick cell walls.


A method is provided for extraction of chemical compounds from an organism having a cell wall that includes adding nanomaterials, which may be metallic nanofibers such as silver nanofibers, to the organism.

Tagsalgae biofuels; lipid extraction; algae;
Posted DateJun 6, 2017 1:00 PM


  • Increases efficiency of lipid extraction by 30% - 50%.
  • Eliminates the drying step required by conventional methods because it can be used on wet algal paste.
  • Improved lipid extraction efficiency without the need for large amounts of solvents, high temperatures, agitation, and pressure


  • Converting algae to biofuel

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US 8,962,812 "Methods of Extracting Chemical Compounds from Organisms with Resistant Cell Walls" issued Feb. 24, 2015 Download
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US 8,962,812 Feb 24, 2015 Utility United States