Project Title2D Transistor Design for Improved Control of Current Flow
Track CodeLSU-2016-049
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This invention is a novel transistor design that uses a two-dimensional (2D) material – hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN) – in a vertical heterostructure to control the flow of current between the transistor's power source and drain.

The flow of current between the power source and drain in the this transistor is controlled by interlayer tunneling between two conductive materials (Graphene or MoS2) separated by a thin tunneling barrier (h-BN). This design allows the charge density, which is originated from interlayer tunneling between the top and bottom layered materials to control the channel conductance between source and drain and thereby control the source-drain current transport at the bottom layered material.


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Posted DateJun 13, 2017 1:31 PM


  • On/Off Current Ratio of 17, which is comparable to similar devices.
  • Subthreshold Slope (SS) of 57mV/decade. Obtaining a steeper SS than the theoretical limit of silicon MOSFETs SS of 60mV/decade.
  • Cutoff Frequency of 19.73 THz, significantly higher than similar proposed devices which Cutoff Frequencies in the low GHz range.


  • High frequency transistors
  • Transistors used in mobile applications

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