Project TitleSelf-Healing Polymer Composite
Track CodeLSU-2013-004
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This polymer composite is capable of self-healing cracks or fissures without the introduction of additional repair materials by mimicking the “close-then-heal” method of mending wounds found in nature. When the repair site is heated to the appropriate temperatures, shape memory polymer fibers embedded in the composite contract to bring surfaces of the structural defect into approximation, then the thermoplastic particles move into the fissure space. As the structure cools, the thermoplastic particles harden to effect molecular scale healing. These self-healing polymer composites not only have the ability to close macroscopic defects once, but they can do so repeatedly in areas that have undergone previous repair cycles.


A composition comprising thermoset polymer, shape memory polymer to facilitate macro scale damage closure, and a thermoplastic polymer for molecular scale healing. The composition has the ability to resolve structural defects by a bio-mimetic close-then-heal process. In use, the shape memory polymer serves to bring surfaces of a structural defect into approximation, whereafter use of the thermoplastic polymer for molecular scale healing allowed for movement of the thermoplastic polymer into the defect and thus obtain molecular scale healing. The thermoplastic can be fibers, particles or spheres which are used by heating to a level at or above the thermoplastic's melting point, then cooling of the composition below the melting temperature of the thermoplastic. Compositions of the invention have the ability to not only close macroscopic defects, but also to do so repeatedly even if another wound/damage occurs in a previously healed/repair area.

Tagspolymer, thermoplastic, shape memory polymer, self healing
Posted DateJun 19, 2017 2:50 PM


  • Healing of fissures or open cracks in load bearing or lightweight structures.
  • High impact tolerance and vibration dampening properties.
  • Ability to heal repeat injuries.
  • No capsules or tubules to leave behind voids and compromise strength.


  • Consumer goods (sports equipment, harnesses, boats)
  • Infrastructures (suspension bridge cables, concrete)
  • Lightweight structures (satellites, vehicle parts)

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