Project TitleWireless Implantable Neural Stimulator
Track CodeLSU-2013-023
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This general purpose neural stimulator uses an AC signal to recreate naturally occurring neural processes. The device is scalable, wireless, and passive, which allows it be implanted into the human body and operated without invasive physical connections. 

The device consists of a resonant coupled power and control system, voltage rectifier and passive stimulation circuitry. The stimulation frequency is controlled by an external controller, and the transmission frequency is determined by a resonant capacitor attached to an antenna. 


Methods and apparatus are disclosed relating to the stimulating of tissue including nerve tissue based on combinations of capacitors and resistors. Application and removal of voltage to an electrical circuit is taught as part of a method of creating voltage waveforms for nerve and other tissue with such waveforms creating neural signals.

Posted DateAug 23, 2017 3:21 PM


  • Uses external signal controller, allowing for easy upgrades to stimulation control and algorithms.
  • Implantable device delivers stimulation without on board battery, complex processing units, or memory storage. 
  • Operates at a frequency not blocked by skin, unlike similar RF-based devices. 


  • Nerve Cuff Electrode
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Pain Treatment
  • Neural Prosthesis

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Neural Stimulator Tech Summary LSU-2013-023: Wireless Implantable Neural Stimulator Download
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