Project TitleImpact Tolerant Paneling Material
Track CodeLSU-2012-022
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Sandwich panels are used in many fields but have not been fully adopted in critical structural applications due to damage tolerance and safety concerns associated with debonding. This is a new type of composite sandwich panel that has superior debonding resistance and impact tolerance because of its state-of-the-art foam core.

This light-weight sandwich panel contains a hybrid core consisting of a polymer matrix reinforced with a grid of hollow metallic millitubes, which increases the overall panel strength and provides resistance to buckling. Additionally, the sidewall and core are fully bonded, thereby minimizing the structural weaknesses caused by debonding. The panel is composed of lightweight materials, and the strength and weight of the panel allow it to be used for critical structural applications like automobile construction and military armor.


Sandwich construction has been extensively used in various fields. However, sandwich panels have not been fully exploited in critical structural applications due to damage tolerance and safety concern. A major problem of sandwich panels is the vulnerability to impact loading, which can lead to a sudden loss of structural integrity and cause catastrophic consequences. In order to improve the energy absorption of sandwich panel under impact loading, a new sandwich core is proposed which is a hybrid core consisting of hollow metallic millitube grid stiffened polymer matrix. The objective of this study is to characterize its impact performances. Quasi-static low velocity impact test and ballistic impact test demonstrate that the new sandwich panel may be considered as a promising option for critical structural applications featured by multiple impact tolerance.

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Posted DateSep 18, 2017 3:46 PM


  • Superior impact tolerance
  • Light weight 
  • Capable of withstanding multiple impacts
  • Reduced, and in some tests eliminated, interfacial debonding


  • Automobile panels
  • Military armor
  • Pipelines
  • Aerospace structures
  • Bridge decks

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Brian Shedd

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Research Paper: Novel sandwich panel with metallic millitube grid stiffened polymer for impact mitigation Journal of Engineering Structures Download
Tech Summary: Impact Tolerant Sandwich Panels LSU-2012-022 Download

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